Monday, March 9, 2015

Bathroom Mini Makeover

Our bathroom has undergone a "mini makeover." I like to think of this transformation as the equivalent of cooking pancakes for dinner: we needed something quick, cheap, and easy, making use (primarily) of items we already had on hand. And since this is our only bathroom, we wanted it to remain fully functional while we spruced it up. In a few years, we plan to give this bathroom a "real" makeover. But in the meantime, this budget-friendly redo gets the job done.
When we bought the house, our bathroom came with paisley gray and pink vinyl wallpaper that was starting to peel. Country chic circa 1990.

There was also a laminate vanity straight out of the 1970s. Look at those handles!

The walls were tiled in 4"x 4" gray square tile, finished with a bullnose border. We think that this tile was installed in the 1940s or 1950s, since it was a popular Post-War style. All things considered, the tile is in very good condition and we actually like the classic look.   

For the bathroom makeover, we decided to work with the vintage tile to the best of our ability. We painted the wall in a color called Post-War White from the California Paint Company's 20th Century Collection. This color was apparently popular in 1940s/1950s kitchens. It's a pleasant off-white with slightly gray undertones, so it works well with the bluish-gray tile in our bathroom.

For the artwork, we reused pictures that we already had: a WPA print reminding us to conserve water (except when we need to prevent our pipes from freezing) and a few cheerful prints I bought years ago on Etsy.  

The window was previously covered by a pair of gauzy white polyester curtains, which have been relegated to the trash. They've been replaced by these vibrant curtains from Pier 1, which were on clearance for just $10 each.

Finally, we added this retro-style clock, also from Pier 1, in the same cherry red color as the curtains. I need a clock to keep myself on time in the morning, but the bathroom is a dangerous place for my phone. I'm clumsy, especially when I feel rushed, and there are just too many sources of water in the bathroom. An analog clock was a much safer bet.

We still have a few projects we'd like to do in the bathroom. The curtains should have legitimate tie-backs, rather than the makeshift grosgrain ribbons that currently hold them. I may switch out the knobs on the vanity. The bathroom doesn't have a linen closet, so we'll probably hang a shelf to give ourselves some storage for extra towels and/or toiletries. And I'm toying with the idea of adding a vintage-inspired wallpaper border, such as this 1940s-style scallop trim from Bradbury and Bradbury.

Part of me thinks I must be insane to consider putting wallpaper back in this bathroom. It was such a process to remove the vinyl paisley stuff that I thought we were done with wallpapered bathrooms. But I'm so fond of this cheerful scallop pattern that I can't resist.

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  1. Very nice! I have a hall that I am considering papering. I'm also struggling with the decision since all of this paper is such a bear to remove!

    1. Thanks, Stacy! I guess the blessing and the curse of wallpaper is that once it's on the wall, it takes quite some effort to get it off again. I'd love to see the paper you're considering!

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