Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Valentine's Day Decor

I've never been one to get too caught up in the sentiment of Valentine's Day.  When push comes to shove, I'm just not a very romantic person.  Don't get me wrong -- I have nothing against the holiday. And before I come off as a cold pragmatist, I should confess that I like a sappy, far-fetched Rom-Com just as much as the next gal.  I could watch Love Actually or You've Got Mail on repeat, and I doubt I'd even get bored (in fact, I did watch You've Got Mail every Friday during 7th grade.  What can I say?  It was middle school).  But in my own, everyday life?  I'm not one to swoon over Valentine's standbys like flowers, chocolate, poems, or love notes.  Just not my thing, I guess.

However, I embrace any reason to decorate our home for the holidays.  So even though I'm not the lovey-dovey type, our home suggests otherwise.  Red and pink heart-shaped items are peeking out from every corner:

This was a DIY heart garland that I created a few years ago out of cardstock, scrapbook paper, and baker's twine.  Sometimes I forget that I used to have a lot more time on my hands before we started renovating a historic home...

Heart pillow found at Target (last year, I believe). 

Decoupaged wooden "LOVE" letters

Pink mailbox and "Love" sign, from the craft store.

Decoupaged wooden heart box, from my days of DIY crafts.  Heart-shaped lights from Target.  

As much as I enjoy restoring our home, sometimes I miss having the time to try DIY crafts or putter around the kitchen.  In years past, I remember making decadent Valentine's Day treats, such as these triple-chocolate muffins.  I spent my weekends trying new recipes and writing a dessert blog which I've since abandoned.  Given that I already have these heart-shaped silicone baking cups, and a rather tasty recipe, I suppose it's only appropriate to take a break from home renovations to do some Valentine's Day baking.  And perhaps, while they're baking in the oven, I can try making some red and pink tissue paper pom poms following this tutorial from Two Twenty One.  We shall see!

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